The Backpackers guide to Lombok

If you’re planning to spend some time in Lombok, then this backpackers guide to Lombok will help you figure out the sensational places that you absolutely must visit. Across Lombok, there are so many backpackers hostels to choose from, starting from very cheap rates per night. However, of course, if your budget is a little higher, you will find excellent accommodation options like guesthouses and villas. When visiting Lombok, the boat docks at Senggigi and this is where you will arrive from Bali. This can be a great introduction to Lombok, as you make your way south to Kuta where you’ll reach beautiful beaches and rugged cliff. If you’re thinking about taking surfing lessons, this is a great place to do it too. Kuta is a popular place for travellers with a choice of hostels, dining options and a few bars.

Learning to surf in Lombok

Learn to surf at Selong Belanak, which is a quiet part of the island with gentle waves to learn on. Another great place to learn in is Tanjung Aan, a crescent-shaped bay with warungs nearby and fewer travellers.

Favourite sunset spots

Seger Beach is a beautiful location to visit at sunset with its magnificent bay facing out to the Indian Ocean. Another ideal sunset spot is Bukit Merese Hill with its raised point of view and incredible vantage point.

Climb Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani stands tall over Lombok set in the northern part of the island. It is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia and the best time to climb it is over the dry season from April to November. Take on this incredible feat and join one of the tours taking you up the mountain. You must arrange a local guide to climb this volcano and surrounding you is beautiful lush nature grown from the fertile volcanic soil.

Visit Tetebutu

Tetebatu is a charming area filled with gorgeous green rice fields and fresh air. Here the climate is colder, and the sleepy village is kind of like Lombok’s version of Ubud. In the region, you can visit the monkey forest, Jukut Waterfall or take a drive through the rice paddies. There are also many jungle walks and waterfall tours to explore taking you to secret swimming holes.

Explore the local markets

Cakranegara Market is one of the best markets in Lombok with jewellery, souvenirs and clothing for sale. You’ll also find Indonesian pottery that you can purchase too, but don’t be afraid to haggle to get the price down!

Enjoy market food

Across Lombok are traditional markets scattered over the island. For a small cost, you can pick up delicious local food like Sate Pusut; made of meat, coconut and seasoning, or Ares; a coconut, meat and banana stem curry. A note for backpacks and local liquor: it is advised to avoid local alcohols like Arak that have been known for being mixed with other substances like methanol, which can be lethal. Only consume beverages that have been opened in front of you or well-known brands like Bintang and stay away from local spirits.