Horse Riding

Discover Lombok on horseback and get in touch with the island’s nature and the lush, rugged surroundings. Starting in Kuta Lombok, at the southern end of the island, horse riding tours are available from beginner to highly skilled trails. Surrounding the area are several natural landscapes to explore, from quiet bays to scenic beaches and intricate villages. As you pass by the many villages, look out for traditional bamboo shelters standing tall, as well as wood fire to prepare meals and colourful fabrics being hand-woven outside. Should you visit during the rainy season from December to May, the lush green rice paddies will be in full bloom.

Kuta Beach treks take between one to two hours, while the trek through the village is two hours. If early morning is your time of day, opt to experience the sunrise on Mount Rabu, Batik Ranung or Seger Beach, all two-hour trails. Other journeys include galloping on Serenting Beach or Seger Beach. Opt to go on a horse riding tour, taking you to both Serenting and Seger Beach trails, which will take you past the beautiful blue lagoon to swim in. This quiet, remote area is a tropical oasis.

For those who are a little less confident, classes for beginners are available, and the horses are known for being calm and friendly. Horse riding tours are great for families, and there is no age minimum. Tour organisers will aim to book your trip in the early morning or late afternoon to reduce heat exhaustion on the horses, due to Lombok’s intense sun.