Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Lombok

As the sun sets each afternoon in Lombok, watch a burst of colour paint the sky across the ocean as the light slowly fades away. It is no secret that the sunsets in Indonesia are extraordinary, so we’ve compiled the best places for you to watch the sunset. Pack a picnic and bring your camera because you will not want to miss these spots at sunset.

Explore these picturesque locations for breathtaking sunset experiences.

1. Senggigi Beach Sunset

Western Charm and Beachside Comfort

Starting in the west of Lombok, the sunsets from Senggigi provide both creature comforts and put on a show, with the many bars and restaurants lining the beach offering a spectacular vantage point. With boats moored on the sand and in the distance, their outlines paint a perfect picture as the rugged contours and enchanting colours come to life.

2. Sire Beach and the Gili Islands

Northwest Oasis with Island Views

In the northwest, Sire Beach’s crescent-shaped bay showcases a view of palm trees lining the sand and the beautiful perspective of the three Gili Islands. While you’re close by, take a boat across the water to the Gili Islands. Each provides a slightly different vantage point but the same stunning colourful sky. Along each of the Gili Island’s beaches, you will find several cafes and warungs (local cafes) to enjoy the sunset from.

3. Bukit Merese Hill Sunset

Elevated Serenity Just a Short Ride Away

Back on the mainland of Lombok and further south is Bukit Merese Hill, which is a higher vantage point to watch the sunset. It is just a short ride from Kuta, and in the parking lot, you can buy a drink to get ready for a 10-minute walk up the hill. Take in the sweeping views of the shoreline below from the headland, with the coastline stretching out into the distance.

4. Batu Payung Beach and Tanjung Aan Beach

Unique and Tranquil Sunset Moments

For something off the tourist track, Batu Payung Beach is full of rocks and is home to a large stone standing out that resembles an umbrella. This beach is a unique place to watch the sunset as the colours reflect off the rock. It is also an excellent photo opportunity. Nearby, Tanjung Aan Beach provides an unbelievable vantage point with the sun setting behind rows of hills in the distance.

5. Mount Rinjani Sunset

Epic Sunset from Indonesia’s Second-Highest Volcano

Of course, if you are ready to take on the feat of Mount Rinjani, the view of the sunset from the top of Indonesia’s second-highest volcano, standing at over 3,700 metres above sea level, brings a unique and memorable experience. But this hike is not for the faint-hearted and requires planning and a guide.

6. Sunset Dining in Kuta

Romantic Dinners and Ocean Views

Finally, there are many restaurants in Kuta, which provide an ideal vantage point of the sunset. Organise a romantic dinner or sunset drink to make the most of the views. Kuta Beach and Seger Beach both offer exquisite sights of the sunset over the sparkling Indian Ocean. As these are more touristic parts of the island, you can expect many other travellers there to share the experience with you too.

Whether you explore Senggigi Beach, Sire Beach, Bukit Merese Hill, Batu Payung Beach, the Gili Islands, Tanjung Aan Beach, Kuta Beach, or Seger Beach, Lombok provides several destinations for you to indulge in stunning views of the sunset from.