Merese Hill

Merese Hill sits in the east of Lombok, and 20 minutes by car from Kuta. Also known as Bukit Merese Hill, aim to visit at sunset as the sky fills with colour, to access incredible views across the coastline.

Rent a scooter to explore the surrounding area easily and navigate quickly, or organise a driver for the day to take you there. One of the most scenic beaches closeby to Merese Hill is Tanjung Aan; explore the beach during the day and before sunset walk up the hill to watch the sun go down. Allocate a full day to explore both attractions, and just a short walk up the incline will take you to the view. The beautiful rugged hill overlooking the sparkling water below showcases 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Pack a picnic and relax on the grass with views of Seger Beach, Batu Payung and Gili Anak Anjakan in the east.

Bukit Merese is a popular spot for photo shoots, with engagement and romantic shoots taking place there. When planning to visit, be sure to pack adequate sun protection, as there is no shade or shelter on the hill. Visit at sunrise or sunset for the most beautiful lighting, and wear comfortable shoes so that you can easily walk up the hill.