Lombok Travel Guide

Discover the best of Lombok, Indonesia

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What feels like a step back in time to what Bali once was remains an idyllic escape for honeymooners, families and backpackers. Nature is the ultimate playground in Lombok, with the island's marine life and overland adventures bringing travellers an array of experiences.


From beaches to rainforest, Lombok's landscape lures adventurers in with its enticing choice of activities. Learn about the local Sasak culture, indulge in views from rugged cliffs over turquoise water or swim in a volcanic spring; whatever your choice of experience, Lombok is a nature lovers' paradise. The island's Sasak culture is filled with colour, and handmade creations, allowing visitors to learn about the local history, handicraft and everyday lifestyle. While the magnificent Mount Rinjani shadows over Lombok as Indonesia's second-highest volcano, its fertile soil is home to various wildlife and waterfalls.


Just off the main island are the famous Gili Islands and many lesser-known, remote islands scattered off the coastline. And we can't forget about the world-class waves, which bring surfers from around the globe to experience the consistent, peeling waves all year long. Beyond surfing, Lombok is home to contrasting landscapes, leaving its visitors' search for unspoilt beauty fulfilled. Travellers can indulge in Lombok's scenic diving, lush rainforests and gushing waterfalls or take a step back in time through the island's history in a Sasak village. The authentic and unaltered island life is why travellers retreat to Lombok to indulge in a naturally beautiful and tropical oasis.


Step away from the chaos and step into paradise. Welcome to Lombok.