Tanjung Aan Beach

From Lombok, explore the many pristine beaches off the coastline like Tanjung Aan Beach. Set in the south of Lombok, it is made up of two kilometres of coastline.

The sand is much more coarse than regular beaches, with a pepper-like consistency. Its constant, smooth waves make it a popular place for swimmers and snorkellers. With many shops to rent snorkelling gear at, explore the colourful marine life off Tanjung Aan Beach. As the afternoon approaches, the waves begin to grow in force and surfers paddle out to enjoy the swell.

The hills surrounding provide a perfect vantage point to enjoy a view of Tanjung Aan Beach from above. Access the hillside directly from the parking area of Bukit Merese. Sitting about 75 kilometres from Mataram, and three kilometres from Kuta Beach, the trip from Mataram takes about an hour and a half. While from Kuta is it just a 15-minute drive. Due to the beaches sheer length, there are multiple access points.

Tanjung Aan Beach is considered to be one of the most picturesque beaches. Set in a cove between the hilly landscapes, home to sparkling white sand and crystal clear water. Lining the beach, you will find local restaurants as well as bamboo loungers to relax on.

Spend a day in the sun at Tanjung Aan Beach, make the most of the pristine waters and see for yourself what some would call one of Lombok’s best beach.

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