Learning to surf in Lombok

Lombok is the perfect place for learner surfers to build confidence and become comfortable in the water. Whether it’s your first time on the board, or you’ve surfed before, the southern shores of Lombok are the best place to start. Here you’ll find a choice of breaks suitable for all skill levels.

Around Kuta Beach, there are many surf schools where you can organise lessons. Tutorials are an excellent way to build your confidence and learn basic techniques like movements to stand up on the board, picking the best waves to ride and timing. Other surf schools can be found at Pendanan Beach and Mangsit Beach which are in the north of Lombok near Senggigi Beach.

Beginners will be taken to protected coves around Kuta Beach, with other parts of the beach great for intermediate to advanced surfers. Other surf spots include Mawi and Ekas Bay. Mawi is often picked as the favourite for travellers, and Ekas Bay, provides a mix of beginner and advanced waves. Desert Point is renowned for its consistent waves, but best left for the experienced surfers only.

For beginners wanting to try longboarding, Grupuk is a suitable beach, which is inside Ekas and Selong Belanak. These locations are less crowded because they are a little more complicated to reach.

Surf camps in Lombok are scattered across the island and are a great way to immerse yourself in the learning process. For those who are serious about learning to surf, having daily lessons is a great way to speed up your progress. There is a camp in the Gerupak area, Kuta Beach, and Ekas for you to join in. Often these camps have scheduled dates, so you may need to plan ahead.

For beginners considering bringing their board from home, leave it behind and hire a board instead. In Kuta, you will find a choice of surf shops to hire from, so that you don’t have to worry about carrying it around. Also ensure that you have travel insurance set up in case of any injuries, bring a first aid kit and always wear sunscreen because a day in the water will leave you very burnt otherwise.

When is the best time to learn to surf in Lombok?

The swell picks up between April and October due to the southwest push across the Indian Ocean. This makes some areas not so favourable and can create some extreme conditions. Most of Lombok’s breaks are facing south, and the conditions vary between the wet season and dry season. During the dry season (May to October) is when most tourists visit; however, this can come with huge swells. In the wet season, the island is much more deserted, and the water warms up, with no wind. The waves are much smaller and a lot cleaner. But if you’re not a serious surfer, the best thing about Lombok is that any time of the year you’ll be able to find a wave to surf, depending on what you’re looking for.