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Batu Payung

Batu Payung is known for its unique shaped rock looming over the beach. The rock has become a hotspot for photographers and travellers wanting to capture or witness the incredible sight. Batu Payung translates to "umbrella rock", and it has naturally formed from the water around the base of the rock, slowly eroding it. It is one of Lombok's natural attractions and worth visiting during your time on the island.


This oddly shaped rock sits at the tip of the beach. Here, the coast is made up of rocks and coral, and to reach Batu Payung; it is about a fifteen-minute walk from the shore. On the journey, expect to walk across the many rocks. Before visiting, check the tides and try to avoid visiting during high tide, as the rocks will be submerged making it difficult to walk.


The journey is about an hour by car from Mataram, or from Kuta, just a 20-minute drive. Batu Payung stands on the opposite end of the incredible Tanjung Aan Beach. Stop by at sunset to see the colours reflect off the rock, which is the most beautiful time of day to capture it. From Tanjung Aan Beach it is about a one-hour walk across the sand and the cliff edge, or alternatively, hop on a boat for 15 minutes to reach the site. Spend an afternoon exploring this beautiful part of Lombok, and don't forget to pack your camera to capture the gorgeous scenery surrounding Batu Payung.

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Sade Traditional Weaving Village

Sade Traditional Weaving Village sits in the centre of Lombok and about 30 kilometres from Mataram. Home to Lombok’s indigenous locals, the Sasak people, traditional homes still stand made of wood and bamboo. This style is one of the key distinguishable features of Sade Village. Sade village is only small, and as you explore the narrow pathways between homes, it will take about 30 minutes in total. It is most famous for its weaving and handicrafts, and across the streets, most homes sell souvenirs for you to bring home.

Throughout the village, the quaint little huts stand, with many people weaving outside on display. From a young age, women in Sade must learn how to weave, as it is part of the cultural identity to preserve the tradition and allow it to continue. The weaving work is also what attracts tourists, and you will be able to purchase woven goods directly from locals on your visit to Sade. The pieces are incredibly detailed, and one woven piece can take up to two months to prepare.

During your stay in Lombok, explore Sade Village and learn about the local’s life. See how locals weave intricate and colourful pieces over months and have the opportunity to purchase the woven pieces and bring one home to keep.

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Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach in the south of Lombok is home to pristine white sand and a rugged coastline. It is one of the more popular beaches in Lombok, with many travellers flocking to experience its sparkling water each year. With mountains to the west and rugged hills to the east, it makes a spectacular sight to witness. To reach the beach is easy, and it is the perfect spot to roll out your towel and sunbake all day. At 2.2 kilometres in the distance, this long stretch of beach is ideal for jogging or walking along too. A spectacular vantage point can be accessed from Madalika Hill to the east of the beach. The hill provides sweeping views across the bay with crystal clear water filled with coral below.

Kuta Beach is set 90 minutes by car from Mataram, with many transfers available. If you prefer your independence, opt to rent a car or scooter and explore for yourself instead. The beaches around Lombok charge a parking fee; so always bring small change with you.

There are many gorgeous beaches all just a stone's throw away from Kuta Beach, making it a great base to explore surrounding shorelines. Head to the east, and you will reach Seger Beach, which is recommended for snorkelling and surfing too.

The town of Kuta in Lombok is the most popular part of the island, leaving you spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation options. The roads surrounding Kuta Beach and to the east are mostly dirt paved or sealed, and in reasonably good condition, so it is easy to drive around and explore on a motorbike or by car. However should you choose to head west, the road becomes less maintained.

For the surfers, Kuta Beach brings both left and rights in the bay. You will also have the option to jump on board with one of the local boats, for a small fee and be taken out further to areas like Gerupuk Bay. Rolling straight out onto the Indian Ocean, Kuta Beach is not only perfect for surfing but swimming too. Many surfers make the trip to experience its incredible waves and variety of breaks.

Aside from surfing, Kuta Beach provides a choice of outdoor activities like snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding. As the day begins to fade away, watch the sky fill with colour as the sun goes down. Sunsets from Kuta Beach are an incredible sight, so be sure to stay until late afternoon to witness one.

Lombok's Kuta Beach brings travellers from across the globe to experience its world-class waves and pristine water. Base yourself near Kuta Beach to make the most of what the island has to offer. Enjoy the choice of water activities and accommodation options, and easily plan your stay in Lombok with restaurants, resorts and beaches all in close distance.