Nest Underwater Statues

The Gili Island‘s underwater statues have become somewhat of an icon in Indonesia. Nest, which was designed by Jason deCaires Taylor is located off the coast of Gili Meno. The statues were installed in 2017 and ever since, snorkelers and divers have been flocking to the islands to witness these incredible figures standing on the ocean floor. Here, the outline of the sculptures merges into the surrounding natural environment. However, the statues were not just placed there as art; they are part of a more extensive project for environmental conservation towards creating an artificial reef.

Visit at your own accord or join one of the tours by local companies taking you from the shore to the site. Make sure you don’t forget your underwater camera! The statues are an incredible tourist destination and attraction to visit; however, keep in mind that the reef is an attempt to preserve and grow marine life. Take your snorkels and flippers to explore the area comfortably, or hire the gear on the island. The water temperature is warm; therefore, a wetsuit won’t be needed and a bathing suit will suffice.

The sculptures sit off Gili Meno, and the circle of 48 figures stand together. Both snorkelers and divers can reach the site, with it submerged just four metres underwater. Over time, the sculptures will begin to cover in coral, which will help to generate a reef flourishing with sponges and coral. Marine life flows in abundance surrounding the statues, with colourful fish, black and white tip reef sharks, turtles and moray eels for you to encounter.