Benang Stokal and Benang Kelambu Waterfall

In central Lombok, take a journey to the stunning Benang Stokel Waterfalls, greeting you with five different waterfalls to discover. Whether you choose to adventure on your own or take a tour, the waterfalls are easy to navigate and can be reached by car. In the rainy season, the track can become very slippery; therefore bring shoes with a secure grip. On your journey, be sure to leave well before the sun goes down, as the trail can be dangerous in low lighting.

Take a short trek to both Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfall. After about a 10 minute walk from the entrance, you will first reach Benang Stokel Falls. Here you will find a collection of three separate waterfalls flowing into one very shallow pool. This overgrown area is a beautiful site to see; however, it is very shallow, making it hard to swim.

Just nearby is the ‘jumping spot’ with an 11-metre waterfall into a canyon, however, pay attention to the abundant wildlife present here, with green tree snakes and other reptiles happily hiding. If you leave them, they will leave you. Before jumping, always do a depth check to ensure it is safe to jump.

Continue to Benang Kelambu waterfall, where you will see more freshwater flowing down the forest walls surrounded by, beautiful overgrown vines. This two-tier waterfall has a man-made pond that sits below it, perfect for a refreshing swim after your journey to reach the falls. Spend the day wandering through the gushing waterfalls, filled with luscious greenery and crystal clear freshwater, nature’s playground.

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