Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach connects on to the port for the Gili Islands and in the dry season boats moor onto the beach. The beach has many swimming areas as well as different breaks for surfers. Marine life is present in the area too, and canoeing is a popular activity for visitors.

The town of Senggigi used to be the main tourist strip in Lombok. Nowadays it isn’t as popular for travellers, with many opting to visit Kuta in the south or the Gili’s instead. Surrounded by sweeping bays and beaches, Senggigi Beach is made up of white sand, sprawling out onto the coral reef. Depending on the time of year you visit, the sand colour changes and can be affected by the boats as well as the season.

With many accommodation options nearby from homestays to more extravagant options, you will find even more luxury stays in the north around Mangsit.

The best time to visit is at dusk to enjoy the view from the beach or one of the many restaurants lining the water. The outlook across the water showcases Bali and Nusa Penida in the distance, and at sunset, the light outlines the island’s frame.

In the area, there is a mix of Western-style dining as well as Indonesian warungs to grab a bite to eat at, with barbecued corn available across the headland (popular street food in Indonesia). Senggigi is a favourite for locals, and on a Sunday you will notice the crowds pick up.

Senggigi Beach is a comfortable place to stop through on your journey to the Gili’s. With its choice of restaurants lining the water, spend a day relaxing in the sun.