Nature & Wildlife

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A visit to Indonesia's stunning island of Lombok provides an opportunity to explore the rich nature and vast wildlife across the land. Home to Mount Rinjani, the island's second-highest mountain and an active volcano, brings fertile volcanic soil producing stunning fauna and flora. From cascading waterfalls, scenic treks and wildlife, explore the various the Rinjani National Park sprawling out across the island.

A trip to Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep waterfalls provide a beautiful day trip to explore the lush forest and cascading waterfalls. Or for the seasoned hikers, take in stunning views on a trek up Mount Rinjani volcano. Across Rinjani National Park learn about the exotic wildlife or visit the Lombok Wildlife Park to encounter orangutans, elephants and reptiles up close. However you choose to explore Lombok, embrace the opportunity to uncover its natural wonders and tropical landscape.