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The beaches across Lombok vary from white sandy beaches and peeling wave breaks to dramatic cliff edges that have stood the test of time.

Starting in the northwest, Senggigi Beach connects with the port to the Gili Islands, taking you to the more remote Gili Meno Beach.

In the south of Lombok is where you will find some of the island's most beautiful beaches scattered across the coastline. Kuta Beach is one of the most popular for travellers visiting the island with Segur Beach nearby too. Further along the coast, you'll find Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak Beach. Mawun Beach also sits in the south and is considered to be one of Lombok's more rugged beaches.

To the southeast, Tanjung Ringgit's cape presents an incredible view from the cliff edges. In this area, you will also find the beautiful Pink Beach, which is only one of ten in the world. Each of Lombok’s beaches present picture-worthy landscapes and are a memorable way to spend time on the island. Visit these picture-worthy beaches in Lombok to get a true appreciation of what the island has to offer.