The beaches across Lombok vary from white sandy beaches and peeling wave breaks to dramatic cliff edges that have stood the test of time.

Starting in the northwest, Senggigi Beach connects with the port to the Gili Islands, taking you to the more remote Gili Meno Beach.

In the south of Lombok is where you will find some of the island's most beautiful beaches scattered across the coastline. Kuta Beach is one of the most popular for travellers visiting the island with Segur Beach nearby too. Further along the coast, you'll find Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak Beach. Mawun Beach also sits in the south and is considered to be one of Lombok's more rugged beaches.

To the southeast, Tanjung Ringgit's cape presents an incredible view from the cliff edges. In this area, you will also find the beautiful Pink Beach, which is only one of ten in the world. Each of Lombok’s beaches present picture-worthy landscapes and are a memorable way to spend time on the island. Visit these picture-worthy beaches in Lombok to get a true appreciation of what the island has to offer.

image alt Beaches Tanjung Aan Beach

From Lombok, explore the many pristine beaches off the coastline like Tanjung Aan Beach. Set in the south of Lombok, it is made up of two kilometres of coastline.

The sand is much more coarse than regular beaches, with a pepper-like consistency. Its constant, smooth waves make it a popular place for swimmers and snorkellers. With many shops to rent snorkelling gear at, explore the colourful marine life off Tanjung Aan Beach. As the afternoon approaches, the waves begin to grow in force and surfers paddle out to enjoy the swell.

The hills surrounding provide a perfect vantage point to enjoy a view of Tanjung Aan Beach from above. Access the hillside directly from the parking area of Bukit Merese. Sitting about 75 kilometres from Mataram, and three kilometres from Kuta Beach, the trip from Mataram takes about an hour and a half. While from Kuta is it just a 15-minute drive. Due to the beaches sheer length, there are multiple access points.

Tanjung Aan Beach is considered to be one of the most picturesque beaches. Set in a cove between the hilly landscapes, home to sparkling white sand and crystal clear water. Lining the beach, you will find local restaurants as well as bamboo loungers to relax on.

Spend a day in the sun at Tanjung Aan Beach, make the most of the pristine waters and see for yourself what some would call one of Lombok’s best beach.

image alt Beaches Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanek Beach brings its very own character to Lombok. Set 30 minutes by car from Kuta, it can be easily accessed and is a scenic day trip. Home to white sand and turquoise water, Selong Belanak Beach is shaped like a crescent with hills sitting on each side. The beach forms part of Selong Belanak Bay, and the coastline is about one kilometre in total. A local village sits on one side where the families work as fishermen. It is also a popular destination for those wanting to learn how to surf with its gentle waves and wide stretch of beach. Locals provide surf lessons for visitors to enjoy the waves, to help you build confidence and stand up. While the beach is still popular, compared to other surrounding beaches, it is one of the quieter shorelines.

Whether you sunbake, go for a walk along the coastline or swim, a visit to beautiful Selong Belanak Beach is a relaxing way to spend the day. There are a choice of villas in the area should you wish to stay nearby. Otherwise, on the journey to the beach, stop to encounter the stunning view across the bay with sparkling ocean and soft white sand below. With many local restaurants lining the beach, spend your day relaxing by the water and taking in Lombok’s tranquil atmosphere at Selong Belanak Beach.

image alt Beaches Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach is one of the more remote beaches in Lombok, sitting 60 kilometres (and about an hour and a half by car) from Mataram city.

Home to soft white sand, it is set in a bay with two hills surrounding on either side. In the centre of the bay, the sand is delicate, and as you move towards the west side, the sand gradually becomes coarser. The waves in the inlet vary from each side too, with stronger waves passing through the middle of the beach. The east and west are more sheltered, as they are blocked by the hill. For families, aim to swim in the water closer to the hills which is shallow and gentle, making it safer for children to swim in.

Many try to climb the hills surrounding Mawun Beach, yet it comes its own with risks and challenges. With no clear tracks to access the top, the views are stunning however beware that it can be quite dangerous to climb.

This rugged beach is considered one of the more undeveloped and raw beaches in Lombok, and the journey to reach the beach is a very scenic adventure. Depending on the route you take, some of the roads on the journey are not well maintained, if you can, opt to take the eastern course. There are very few accommodation and dining options near Mawun Beach, so if you plan on spending the day there, be sure to pack food and drink.

image alt Beaches Pink Beach

Pink Beach in Lombok, officially known as Tangsi Beach, is still relatively untouched and hidden when it comes to beautiful destinations to explore in Lombok. Head to the southeast of Lombok, and you will reach the Jerowaru District, home to the Pink Beach. Pink Beach is just over two hours by car from Mataram city. Many also opt to reach the beach by boat.

The pink-tinged sand has formed from the red reef living in the water. The process is that as the reef crumbles away, it washes onto the shore and combines with the white sand, giving it that perfect pink colour. The beach showcases a beautiful colour palette of white, pink, blue and turquoise. If you have the choice of when visit, the colours are most vivid in the morning and the afternoon when the light softens.

Pink Beach in Lombok is one of ten beaches in the world that are pink, and Indonesia is home to two - with the other found in Komodo Island. The calm waters of Pink Beach make it a beautiful place to snorkel in or spend the day relaxing in the sun. However with not many facilities nearby, if you plan on spending some time at the beach, come prepared with a hat and sunscreen.

Pink Beach is a quiet spot that doesn’t usually attract too many other travellers. With few crowds, and views of Mount Rinjani across the water, Pink Beach is a memorable experience and worth visiting during your stay in Lombok.

image alt Beaches Seger Beach

Seger Beach is just a short drive to the east of Kuta Beach and shares the same coastline. The easiest way to access the beach is by hiring a scooter for the day, with clear signs leading you there. Seger Beach brings an array of colourful and active underwater life, making it a hotspot for snorkellers.

On any given day, you will see surfers, swimmers and sunbathers scattered across the beach. Seger Beach is a quieter alternative to Kuta Beach with a different aspect and view of the water. The beach has a local warung (cafe) beside it and other restaurants nearby so you can easily spend the day there.

Should you visit during February, there is the Bau Nyale ceremony where locals go out to catch sea worms (Nyale) along the beach. The purpose of this is believed to be part of the incarnation of Princess Mandalika.

There are a number of accommodation options in Kuta, making it easy to plan your stay. The hills surrounding Seger Beach bring an incredible vantage point over the water. Take a short walk up one of the many hills and experience a new outlook of Seger Beach and other surrounding shores. The sunset from here is also a spectacular sight.

During your visit to Lombok, indulge in Seger Beach’s quieter pace, and stunning turquoise water as an alternative to Kuta Beach.

image alt Beaches Tanjung Ringgit

Tanjung Ringgit sits in the southeast corner of Lombok and is two and a half hours by car from Mataram city. The roads in this area are worn and require slow and careful driving, therefore to adequately see the area give yourself a couple of days to explore. Tanjung Ringgit is a coastline made up of limestone cliffs and stunning sandy beaches resting below. The crystal clear, warm water and dramatic scenery surrounding brings it a unique appeal. Quiet villages are scattered across the area, and weaving between them makes for a great day of exploring. In the distance sits Sumbawa Island and the water here forms part of the Alas Strait.

As you wander past the limestone cliffs, you will see several caves scattered throughout, which were once used by the Japanese soldiers in World War II as a defensive outpost.

One of the unique sights in this area is the Pink Beach sitting in Temeak Bay. Visit in the morning or late afternoon to see the pink colour at its most vivid when the light softens. Another beach nearby is Pantai Segui made up of white sand and a popular place for snorkelling. 

In the area, there are both luxury and budget accommodation options available. On the eastern side of the peninsula, there is a high-end beach camp option. Otherwise, for lower budgets, Ekas Bay provides cheaper accommodation alternatives. It is also considered to be the surfing hotspot in the area. Tanjung Ringgit is a quiet escape from Lombok’s busier cities in the south and is a beautiful way to retreat and relax. 

image alt Beaches Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach connects on to the port for the Gili Islands and in the dry season boats moor onto the beach. The beach has many swimming areas as well as different breaks for surfers. Marine life is present in the area too, and canoeing is a popular activity for visitors.

The town of Senggigi used to be the main tourist strip in Lombok. Nowadays it isn't as popular for travellers, with many opting to visit Kuta in the south or the Gili's instead. Surrounded by sweeping bays and beaches, Senggigi Beach is made up of white sand, sprawling out onto the coral reef. Depending on the time of year you visit, the sand colour changes and can be affected by the boats as well as the season.

With many accommodation options nearby from homestays to more extravagant options, you will find even more luxury stays in the north around Mangsit.

The best time to visit is at dusk to enjoy the view from the beach or one of the many restaurants lining the water. The outlook across the water showcases Bali and Nusa Penida in the distance, and at sunset, the light outlines the island's frame.

In the area, there is a mix of Western-style dining as well as Indonesian warungs to grab a bite to eat at, with barbecued corn available across the headland (popular street food in Indonesia). Senggigi is a favourite for locals, and on a Sunday you will notice the crowds pick up.

Senggigi Beach is a comfortable place to stop through on your journey to the Gili's. With its choice of restaurants lining the water, spend a day relaxing in the sun.