Gently float alongside turtles in crystal clear water, or feel the adrenaline hit of wakeboarding as you bounce against the waves. Whatever your idea of adventure is, Lombok provides an incredible choice of outdoor activities for you to explore.

The variety of water sports is endless with scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling, sailing, parasailing and kayaking, just to name a few. And of course, the swell brings surfers of all skill levels each year to experience Lombok’s consistent, peeling waves. On land, there are a variety of activities to fill your days with. Explore Lombok’s vast natural landscape made up of rugged coastline and lush tropical rainforest by trekking, canyoning, horse riding or cycling through.

Lombok brings a choice of adventures, suitable for all ages. The contrasting landscape made up of rock-faces rising above sandy beaches, and gushing gorges amid verdant rainforest, will leave you wanting to explore the incredible nature and outdoor activities on the island.

image alt Outdoor Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Spend a day in the sunshine and explore Lombok's incredible turquoise waters stand up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boarding is perfect for beginners to advanced paddlers and is a fun activity for families, couples and groups. Start your adventure from Senggigi Bay, and if you're new to paddle boarding, opt to join in on the many lessons available. Day trip programs are available for experienced paddle boarders allowing you to traverse the incredible coastline while a boat follows along. The transparent water makes Lombok a beautiful place to paddle the day away. Another exotic spot nearby to explore by stand up paddle boarding is Gili Trawangan. Its turquoise water and tropical island feel mean you can pass hours on end floating away.

Take the opportunity at sunset to join in on a stand up paddle boarding tour. Starting from Kuta Beach, you'll be taken to Segah Beach and out to the ocean. Get the best vantage point from the water as the sun goes down and watch the stars begin to twinkle above you.

Lombok brings pristine, crystal clear water for you to encounter, and stand up paddle boarding is a fun adventure for you to see the water from a new perspective. Whether you merely float away paddling all day or jump in and out of the water throughout your adventure, explore the marine life and the shoreline surrounding Lombok with stand up paddle boarding.

image alt Outdoor Snorkeling

Lombok has 26 islands surrounding it, each home to coral reefs and a plethora of marine life. This leaves endless snorkelling options amongst unspoilt crystal clear water, making the perfect vantage point to watch fish swimming and turtles playing up close. The water temperature sits between 27-29 C (81-84 F), and the wet season falls from November to March. This tropical climate is best explored from May to October for perfect weather.

The North Gili Islands are well connected to Lombok and provide a mix of restaurants and accommodation options. Start your snorkelling experience at Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air, or for fewer crowds, head to the South Gili islands near Sekotong. The South Gilis are home to 12 islands including Gede, Asahan and Layar. With Gede being the biggest, you’ll find accommodation options and a connection directly to Bali too. For those searching for the road less travelled, the Secret Gilis are in the east and well worth a visit (Gili Lampu, Gili Kapal), with some of the most untouched and rugged scenery.  

Just a stone’s throw from Lombok is a colourful mix of reef and active marine life for you to encounter up close. Whether you explore the islands to the north or south, snorkelling during your stay in Lombok is a beautiful way to enjoy the sunshine, turquoise water and colourful fish.

image alt Outdoor Boating & Cruises

Lombok connects by boat directly to the Gili Islands and is the perfect starting point to explore these stunning tropical islands. There are several boat options when it comes to reaching the islands, depending on the timeframe and budget you have in mind.

Head to the west coast of Lombok to Senggigi, and you'll find two fast boat terminals. Teluk Nara is the terminal you'll be looking for, and you'll have a choice of boat companies to choose from. Take a fast boat from Lombok's west port Teluk Nara that will connect you to Gili Air, Gili T and Meno. The trip is under an hour depending on the boat you take, which means you can easily make a return trip in a day. Fast boats operate all year round; otherwise, if you have a group of 10, you can easily charter a boat at a low cost. For a scenic adventure, at the port, choose from one of the outrigger boats to hire for a day and make the most of island hopping. Next, the public ferry from Bangsal Harbour is the cheapest, and possibly the most time-consuming option. The boats stay at the port until they fill up, and the journey is about two hours in total. Ten minutes from Bangsal is Teluk Nara. So should you decide that this option isn't for you, you can always go back and get a fast boat from there.

The Gili Islands are best reached directly from Lombok because it cuts out the choppy waters that many travellers must endure from Bali. During your stay, make the most of visiting these islands whilst adventuring through Lombok.

image alt Outdoor Canyoning

If canyoning is your pick for adventure, then Lombok will deliver. Its intricate gorges and impressive canyons bring a playground of excursions for you to discover. The challenging and action-packed tours will encourage you to push your limits.

Ombak Canyon brings adventure trails that will take you between jumping, sliding and scraping across mother nature. The sense of solitude and exhilarating jumps will leave you with an up-close encounter of the breathtaking scenery — a nature lovers dream. Ombak is set in the heart of Lombok sitting on the foothills of Rinjani volcano. This incredibly steep canyon showcases green vegetation and lush tropical rainforest. The dramatic drops take you to crystal clear water with jumps up to six metres. The canyon has been equipped in line with ICOpro standards, ensuring safety and regulation too. The descent of the gorge takes around three hours, and the best way to explore it is through joining a daily tour. Ombak Gorge lies on the edge of Gumantar Traditional Village and sits one and a half hours by car from Senggigi Beach.

Canyoning tours available provide a mix of activities including swimming, jumps and rappelling, or try abseiling and sliding your way through the lush scenery. Lombok's jungle paradise is the perfect way to see a slice of Indonesia's wild side and a unique way to experience the wildlife and scenery away from the beach.

image alt Outdoor Sailing

Lombok brings a choice of sailing cruises for you to explore. Sail through the turquoise waters from Gili Islands to surrounding islands further out such as Flores, Sumbawa and beyond. There's nothing like the view from a catamaran, as the tropical coconut trees and white sand ahead slowly begin to come into focus, as your destination awaits you. With a choice of itineraries and time frames available, cruising into the sunset is one of the most special ways to encounter the islands, with snorkelling, kayaking and full-time relaxing on the cards. The best time to explore is from May to November, as during the wet season from December to March the ocean is very rough and sailing over this time is not advised.

Spend a week sailing from Bali to Lombok and finish your journey at Nusa Lembongan to comfortably see each site at a calm and relaxing pace. A popular itinerary is departing from Denpasar to south Lombok, and then continuing to the Gili Islands and down to Nusa Lembongan to finish your journey back in Bali. Another popular route is Lombok to Flores, which departs from Senggigi and is a four day and three-night trip. On this journey, you'll pass by the beautiful pink beach and head towards the Komodo Dragons. Fill your evenings with a tipple as the sun goes down and watch the stars light the sky with nothing but the sound of the waves crashing around you.

Sailing around Lombok is a magical way to encounter the spectacular sites, disconnect with everyday life and reconnect with nature.

image alt Outdoor Eco Tours

Lombok’s tropical landscape will leave you craving to explore the outdoors and experience some of Indonesia’s most rugged and scenic natural terrains. There are several eco-friendly adventures for you to explore during your stay in Lombok that leaves no imprint and nothing behind from your journey.

For a view from above, fly high with paragliding or parasailing. Or to tread a little lighter, take one of the many hikes on the island. Take on Mount Rinjani and explore the great heights of the volcano on foot, or for simple for something a little less challenging adventure to Pergasingan Hill, which is a six-hour return hike showcasing views of the surrounding valleys. For a bit more adrenaline, take a cycling tour amongst the rice fields and cool off at a waterfall, or to experience the water at an extreme level, why not try rafting?

Beyond land, the water activities are endless. Learn to surf with some of Lombok’s gentle beginner waves, or try wakeboarding for more adrenaline. Seek the comfort of snorkelling around the Gili Islands or take a scuba diving trip to go past the surface level and see the marine life of Lombok up close.

The island offers many eco-adventures that will leave no imprint of your adventure so that you can enjoy the stunning natural landscape at no cost to the environment. Choose from one of Lombok’s many eco-adventures and explore the stunning coastline and white sandy beaches awaiting.

image alt Outdoor Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding lovers can head to Kuta Bay for a day of adventure on the water. Kuta is a little surf town in the south of Lombok surrounded by white sandy beaches. The many bays surrounding the land make it the perfect place to wakeboard and discover empty beaches throughout your day on the water.

For first-timers, Kuta Bay’s calm waters are the ideal place to begin, and the area adapts well to all skill levels. For the beginners, wakeboarding is a popular water sport and involves being towed behind a speedboat as you ride over the surface of the water. Holding the same stance as snowboarding, it’s your job to hold on and keep balanced. If you’ve been water skiing before, then you will most likely pick it up quickly. Speeds of up to 30 kilometres per hour can be reached as you ride over the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean. Fifteen minutes of fun on the water is the usual timeframe for most companies, and the age limit runs from 12 and up.

Extreme water sports are kept to a minimum around the Gili Islands to preserve the tranquil environment; therefore, Lombok’s bay is the wakeboarding hub in the area. However, at Gili Trawangan, you can organise a watersports adventure too. Many companies will allow you to arrive on the day and book at last minute; however, search around for different rates and offerings.

image alt Outdoor Parasailing

Parasailing in Lombok is the perfect way to fly up and away, encountering birds-eye views across the land. There's nothing quite like the fresh sea breeze gently flow against your face as you indulge in views across tropical islands.

This unique experience will bring you views that can't be seen any other way, as you rise above the water and gently float along. Parasailing boats depart from Gili Trawangan, which is the only island that offers it.

Parasailing adventures depart by boat and those going up will also end their trip landing directly onto the deck. So you won't have to worry about getting your clothes wet or touching the water at all. Boat adventures go from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, with each adventurer enjoying about 7 to 15 minutes in the air.

No prior experience is required to take on parasailing. Adventurers will get to sit comfortably within the harness to witness views of turquoise water, turtles poking their heads out of the ocean below and white sandy beaches in the distance.

Parasailing is an exciting way to experience a new view of the stunning islands surrounding and is a fun activity perfect for families, couples and groups. Surprise your partner with a birthday gift parasailing or add it to your bucket list while exploring Lombok and the Gili islands.

image alt Outdoor Paragliding

Drift into the clouds and witness a stunning birds-eye view of the land. Tandem paragliding is an incredible way to experience Lombok. Adventures take off from Southern Lombok, as you glide over sandy white beaches, count the palms lining the island and look out for the tropical reefs expanding from Kuta Beach.

Paragliding could be compared to one of the closest feelings to flying as you step up into the air with the gust of the hill. Gently float over the Indian Ocean and watch the waves roll by as surfers wait their turn for some of the best waves of their life. Once the adrenaline of taking off has begun to slow down, you’ll start to relax as the flow of the wind takes you on a journey. Soak in the feeling of flying above the water and over the island, and enjoy the views

Paragliding adventures take off from the Kuta region of Southern Lombok and depending on the take-off location; you’ll encounter views of Kuta Beach, Segar Reef and Gili Nusa. The flight duration goes for approximately 15 minutes, and initially, you’ll be briefed by your pilot with all safety procedures involved.

As you glide above the shoreline, soak in views of the tropical reef, luxury resorts lining the shore and lush nature dotted along the coastline. Once your flight is complete, you will land on the Kuta peninsula. Adventurers must be over ten years old to participate. Paragliding is an exciting and unique activity great for families or a romantic, unforgettable experience as a couple you’ll never forget.

image alt Outdoor Kayaking

There’s no better way to spend a day in Lombok’s turquoise waters than by taking a kayak out and exploring for yourself. As you begin your paddle out from Kuta Bay, see the colourful fishes playing in the reef below, and bring on a new perspective of land from the water.

Kayaks can be hired from the bay with the option to hire by the hour, half-day or full-day. Explore the island in a relaxing way, and discover the paradise surrounding you. For beginners, opt to take a kayaking tour to traverse the remote parts of the island.

If you’re a well-seasoned kayaker, and ready to go out on your own, explore some of the top kayaking spots in Lombok. Pura Kaprusan, Malimbu Beach - in the north-west coast of Lombok, Senggigi Beach, Kuta Beach and of course, the Gili Islands are some of the favourites. Malimbu Beach showcases stunning cliffs and rugged landscape with active underwater life. Pandanan Beach nearby is an excellent spot for snorkelling and to indulge in the white sandy beach.

Sea kayaking is an exclusive way to explore the remote islands and beaches around Lombok, so why not bring your snorkel and see some of the best underwater life on your journey? Paddle by schools of fish and colourful coral reefs or park your kayak on the beach and stop for a swim in between adventures. However you choose to adventure, kayaking through Lombok is a beautiful way to explore.

image alt Outdoor Horse Riding

Discover Lombok on horseback and get in touch with the island's nature and the lush, rugged surroundings. Starting in Kuta Lombok, at the southern end of the island, horse riding tours are available from beginner to highly skilled trails. Surrounding the area are several natural landscapes to explore, from quiet bays to scenic beaches and intricate villages. As you pass by the many villages, look out for traditional bamboo shelters standing tall, as well as wood fire to prepare meals and colourful fabrics being hand-woven outside. Should you visit during the rainy season from December to May, the lush green rice paddies will be in full bloom.

Kuta Beach treks take between one to two hours, while the trek through the village is two hours. If early morning is your time of day, opt to experience the sunrise on Mount Rabu, Batik Ranung or Seger Beach, all two-hour trails. Other journeys include galloping on Serenting Beach or Seger Beach. Opt to go on a horse riding tour taking you to both Serenting and Seger Beach trails which will take you past the beautiful blue lagoon to swim in. This quiet remote area is a tropical oasis.

For those who are a little less confident, classes for beginners are available, and the horses are known for being calm and friendly. Horse riding tours are great for families, and there is no age minimum. Tour organisers will aim to book your trip in the early morning or late afternoon to reduce heat exhaustion on the horses, due to Lombok's intense sun.

image alt Outdoor Fishing

If casting a line is your kind of fun, then you’ll be pleased to know that Lombok is filled with beautiful fishing locations. Choose from the many fishing tours available or learn to cast off straight from the shore.

In surrounding waters you’ll find yellowtail fish, jack trivially, tuna, and barracuda as well as sometimes wahoo. Some of the top areas for fishing in Lombok include Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, Nanggu, Gede, Tangkog and Meninting Village. In certain parts of the island at night, large ships operate. Due to this, some of the fishing population has declined due to overfishing. This is specifically prevalent around the eastern end of Lombok. Instead, the waters around Sekotong provide more variety of fish, where only small, local boats venture to. The islands nearby are perfect to dock on, including Gili Layar, Gili Gede and Gili Asahan. Stop for a rest and a swim at the pristine, remote beaches.

From November to April there are strong currents and lots of swell, making the very sea choppy. If visiting in the dry season, from May to September, strong winds can pick up as well as strong currents. So at this time, beach fishing is best to opt for. This leaves the shoulder season, between September to October as the best season to fish around the southern coast of Lombok. For travellers visiting for a short time, opt for a day tour, which will provide all necessary gear to make your fishing journey runs as smooth as possible.

image alt Outdoor Cycling

The freedom of cycling allows you to explore distant lands and embrace the scenery on each pedal forward. Trail through Lombok on your own or join one of the many cycling tours through the island. The guided tours are perfect for individuals and groups and take you to some of Lombok's most beautiful landscapes to explore.

Trail through the countryside with a backdrop of rice fields surrounding, or for a touch of history make the most of the Pengsong Temple biking tour. This tour takes you past an ancient Hindi temple standing tall on Mount Pengsong showcasing views of Mount Agung in the distance as well as Mataram city below. Another beautiful trail is the Gangga Waterfall. On the incline, pass by lush green rice plantations, and on the decline encounter coffee, vanilla and clove plantations, connecting you with nature. The trail ends at the Gangga Waterfall to cool off and requires a medium skill level. Another beautiful tour through Lombok is the Tempos countryside, a village within the Gerung district. Here you will have the opportunity to cycle through lush green scenery and see an up-close glimpse of a farmer’s life.

Whichever trail you take through Lombok, cycle across the island for a new perspective of the rice fields, villages and locals living. Explore the cascading waterfalls or cycle past the pristine beaches, and see up close the natural wonders of Lombok by bike.

image alt Outdoor Rafting

Listen to nothing but the sound of water falling, as you glide through the glistening springs surrounded by tropical rainforest. Rafting is a scenic and adrenaline-boosting way to experience Lombok. Many different companies offer rafting tours, starting in Batu Mekar, in the west. The region of Lingsar is filled with tropical hotspots when it comes to rafting. Sitting close to Mount Rinjani brings the area a lot of natural fertility, and surrounding the area is thick rainforest and fresh springs flowing. On the journey, you will hear birds chirping and vast wildlife too. In the springs of Jangkuk River, look out for carp and tilapia swimming along, with grade 3+ rapids, making it a popular destination for rafting.

Rafting is also popular in Batu Keliang in the north of Lombok. Verging off Benang Kelambu waterfall, you can opt to stay the night at one of the bungalows surrounding. Organise a tranquil escape before your adventure, and for families wanting to take on the experience, the age minimum is seven. Plan your rafting adventure in Lombok, and opt to explore in the wet season when waterways are gushing, and surrounding nature is thriving due to the rain.

Rafting is an adrenaline-boosting experience that will allow you to see the lush tropical rainforest of Lombok from a new perspective. The adventure itself to reach these beautiful destinations is memorable and exciting. On your journey to the waterway, you’ll see beautiful rice paddies, local villages and rugged terrain.