What’s so amazing about the Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are becoming a popular choice of travel destination for holiday-goers across the globe. Sitting just one kilometre from Lombok, and only 20 minutes by boat, explore the stunning seaside paradise of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Many travellers go out of their way to explore the Gili Islands from Bali; travelling two and a half hours to reach the destination. Beyond the typical backpacker adventures, the islands are becoming a travel hotspot worth adding to your explore list. If you are deciding whether or not to add a stop to the Gili Islands to your trip, here are some reasons why you should visit.

Crystal clear turquoise water and snorkelling

On arrival, go into full island mode and reset from everyday life with the Gili Islands’ pristine beaches and sparkling water. With this clear water, comes incredible snorkelling and unbelievable visibility for diving. Surrounding each of the islands are numerous snorkelling and diving spots, filled with colourful fish and coral reef. Each day, you will be left with a new underwater adventure to explore. In the water, expect to encounter sea turtles, tropical fish and reef sharks and do not forget to bring your GoPro.

A quiet oasis

While initially, Gili Trawangan, in particular, was known as a backpacker’s haven; now all of the islands have transformed to cater for all types of travellers. The island’s slower pace and beachfront views will leave you spending your days relaxing on a hammock and recharging, or sipping cocktails at sunset.

Each island is only a couple of kilometres in length, making it easy to walk around in a few hours. Motorised transport has been banned to maintain the quiet, relaxing environment on the islands. Instead, rent a bike for the day and explore the beautiful nature surrounding.

Sunsets, views and swings

The iconic swings over the water are all over Instagram, so if you would like to experience one for yourself, you will find them on the Gili Islands. In the water along almost every beach, you will have access to an overwater swing, however, be prepared for a line of other travellers wanting to join in on the fun. After you have gone swimming and relaxed on the swings, watch the incredible sunset that fills the sky each afternoon over the water. The burning sunsets are the perfect way to end the day, and with so many cafes and restaurants on the beachfront, for you to watch the daylight slowly fade away.

Stunning accommodation and dining options

Throughout the Gili Islands, waterfront accommodation is a beautiful way to holiday in style, with beach huts lining the shore, wake up in paradise every morning. Along with the luxurious accommodation options on each of the islands, you will find a mix of restaurants providing cuisine from across the globe. Enjoy the cafes and bars on offer, and each night on Gili Trawangan experience the night market that opens up with a choice of incredible street food to try.