Tanjung Ringgit

Tanjung Ringgit sits in the southeast corner of Lombok and is two and a half hours by car from Mataram city. The roads in this area are worn and require slow and careful driving, therefore to adequately see the area give yourself a couple of days to explore. Tanjung Ringgit is a coastline made up of limestone cliffs and stunning sandy beaches resting below. The crystal clear, warm water and dramatic scenery surrounding brings it a unique appeal. Quiet villages are scattered across the area, and weaving between them makes for a great day of exploring. In the distance sits Sumbawa Island and the water here forms part of the Alas Strait.

As you wander past the limestone cliffs, you will see several caves scattered throughout, which were once used by the Japanese soldiers in World War II as a defensive outpost.

One of the unique sights in this area is the Pink Beach sitting in Temeak Bay. Visit in the morning or late afternoon to see the pink colour at its most vivid when the light softens. Another beach nearby is Pantai Segui made up of white sand and a popular place for snorkelling.

In the area, there are both luxury and budget accommodation options available. On the eastern side of the peninsula, there is a high-end beach camp option. Otherwise, for lower budgets, Ekas Bay provides cheaper accommodation alternatives. It is also considered to be the surfing hotspot in the area. Tanjung Ringgit is a quiet escape from Lombok’s busier cities in the south and is a beautiful way to retreat and relax.