Lombok’s world-class waves bring surfers from all over the globe, with a mix of surf breaks along a stunning coastline suitable for all types of skill levels.

Lombok’s unspoiled beaches and quieter pace makes it a surfers paradise. Base yourself in Kuta Lombok, which is a popular choice for surfers, and just like in the rest of Indonesia, to reach the breaks, you’ll need to either drive or take a boat.

If you’re planning a surf trip, then south of the island is where you’ll want to begin. The most famous breaks include Desert Point, Mawi, Kuta, Gerupuk and Ekas Bay. Desert Point, also known as Bangko Bangko Beach, has to be the favourite but be warned it’s only for experienced surfers. On any given day, it is not uncommon to see surfers leaving the water with injuries. While for many, the risk is worth the 20-second barrel.

Beginners can ignite their love of surfing at Senggigi, Mangsit and the Gili Islands. With surf schools lined along the coastline of both Lombok and the Gilis, you’ll be standing up and doing turns before you know it.

The best season for surfing is between April to October with south-west swell coming from the Indian Ocean. Kuta Lombok brings excellent waves, and with several surf breaks like Mawun and Mawi in Lombok, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring.