Pink Beach

Pink Beach in Lombok, officially known as Tangsi Beach, is still relatively untouched and hidden when it comes to beautiful destinations to explore in Lombok. Head to the southeast of Lombok, and you will reach the Jerowaru District, home to the Pink Beach. Pink Beach is just over two hours by car from Mataram city. Many also opt to reach the beach by boat.

The pink-tinged sand has formed from the red reef living in the water. The process is that as the reef crumbles away, it washes onto the shore and combines with the white sand, giving it that perfect pink colour. The beach showcases a beautiful colour palette of white, pink, blue and turquoise. If you have the choice of when visit, the colours are most vivid in the morning and the afternoon when the light softens.

Pink Beach in Lombok is one of ten beaches in the world that are pink, and Indonesia is home to two – with the other found in Komodo Island. The calm waters of Pink Beach make it a beautiful place to snorkel in or spend the day relaxing in the sun. However with not many facilities nearby, if you plan on spending some time at the beach, come prepared with a hat and sunscreen.

Pink Beach is a quiet spot that doesn’t usually attract too many other travellers. With few crowds, and views of Mount Rinjani across the water, Pink Beach is a memorable experience and worth visiting during your stay in Lombok.