5 of the best day Lombok day trips

When it comes to planning your adventure in Lombok, the choice of day trips and adventures are endless. Across the island, explore the thick forest, stunning cliffs overlooking the ocean or underwater life. However you choose to explore, here are five of the best day trips in Lombok for you to experience.

Bukit Pergasingan and Magku Sakti Waterfall

Surrounded by lush rice paddies and mountains, Mount Rinjani sits in the distance of Bukit Pergasingan. This one and a half hour hike will take you up a 1,200-metre high incline. The trail is not too difficult; however, the safest option is to book a guide in advanced, as it can be slippery to explore on your own. If you love camping, then opt to stay the night to wake up for sunrise, a magical experience you will never forget. On your journey down, hop in the car and drive half an hour to Magku Sakti Waterfall. Made up of crystal flowing water and gorgeous rock formations, it is a refreshing retreat after your hike.

Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach)

A trip to Lombok is not complete until you have experienced the incredible Pink Beach. The sand has been tinted from the red coral in the water, creating a beautiful effect. The colours are the most vivid in the morning or late afternoon. With limited facilities nearby, consider packing your own lunch and water and spending a day relaxing on Pink Beach.

Tanjung Poki (Hidden Blowhole)

In the southeast of Lombok—the Sekaroh district (which is the same district as the Pink Beach)—the natural blowhole can be found. The tip of Lombok’s island showcases incredible, rugged coastline, and it is home to several blowholes. As the swell picks up and the Indian Ocean roars, the waves hit the rock wall splashing water high above. Take advantage of the incredible site and spend some time watching the water impact the rocks. On the journey to the blowholes, pay attention when walking, as the rocks and waves can be dangerous.

Day trip to Gili Nanggu, Sudak and Kedis Islands

The lesser-known islands around Lombok are an incredible retreat during your time on the island. Join in on one of the many tours taking you just 30 minutes from Lombok by boat, on to the smaller ones.

On your adventure, expect to see remote beaches home to sun-bleached sand and crystal clear water. Spend the day snorkelling between the islands and stretching out on the sandbanks, soaking up the island life.

Gili Rengit and Gili Layar

Another trip out to the islands is in order, and this time to Gili Rengit and Gili Layar.

Explore the crystal sparkling water surround these islands, filled with gorgeous coral and colourful fish. These quiet paradises are an excellent way to see some of Lombok’s most picturesque scenery. Join a full-day tour to the islands just off Sekotong, or charter a boat and explore on your own.