Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis sits in the southwest of Lombok and is a tiny island surrounded by colourful reef and active underwater life. It is the smallest of the surrounding islands and only about the size of a tennis court. From above, the island looks like a love heart; it is covered in sand with only just a couple of trees.

Enjoy swimming, snorkelling and relaxing on the beach of this beautiful remote island, like something out of a movie. The seawater is so clear that standing from above you can watch the fish playing in the water below. If you plan on spending the day on Gili Kedis, be sure to bring your own water and food, as there are no shops or inhabitants on the island. The most beautiful time to visit is at sunrise and sunset when the colours of the sun paint across the sky.

There is a choice of two boats that will take you to Gili Kedis; one from Lembar port, which takes about 60 minutes in total, and another from Tawun, which is just a fifteen-minute ride. Visit Gili Kedis for a relaxing and remote day trip during your stay in Lombok and to get a true taste of island life. The pristine beach and playful fish swimming in the water are a beautiful way to visit one of Lombok’s smaller and lesser-known islands.