Lombok is home to many handicraft villages where on any given day you will see locals sitting out creating hand-woven textiles, pottery and baskets.

Wander down to the local market and have the chance to purchase a variety of items available. From furniture to clothing and jewellery, find an array of one-off pieces, and have the opportunity to pass through local villages across Lombok for insight on each item’s conception.

Starting in Senggigi, you’ll find a number of shops throughout the city including jewellery, fashion, art and craft. The main hub is Pasar Seni, which is an open-air market selling all types of treasures, including art, souvenirs, sarongs and clothing. Visit Banyumulek to watch potters in action, creating multi-purpose pieces, and explore the Lombok Pottery Centre.

Next, the Bayan Lombok is an art market bringing beautiful pieces of art and souvenirs for you to take home. Here you’ll be able to bargain for a better price too.

To pick up textiles and woven goods, venture to Sukara Weaving Village, where you will be guided through the creation process. Or another option is Pringgasela in East Lombok, where you can watch the creators working, up close.

If jewellery is what you’re looking for, Lombok is home to many beautiful pearls across the island. Here you’ll find different shapes and sizes and the production of the freshwater pearl with fifteen different pearl companies on the island to choose from.

During your stay in Lombok, make the most of the handmade, quality products unique to the island.