Sukarara Village

Sukarara Village is home to many intricate and beautifully woven cloths, which forms a vital part of Lombok’s identity. Just a 30-minute car ride from Mataram will take you to the village, located in Central Lombok. On arrival into the town, locals will welcome you warmly, dressed in traditional Sasak clothing.

The town specialises in Songket which is an intricately patterned woven fabric created by adding gold or silver thread through it. This thread stands out against the other colours, creating a shimmering effect. The motifs of the Songket are diverse; some will showcase a flower motif or chicken motif, each with a unique meaning. Woven items are created using cotton fabric, silver thread, nylon and silk. The dyes are made from natural materials like betel vine lead, bark, turmeric or tamarind. Weaving is by hand, and most locals spend their days creating. Anything from dresses, table covers, blankets, scarfs and cloth can be created. You will also have the opportunity to try weaving for yourself and learn about the complexities and processes. Most of the woven fabrics are made from home, with many gift stores selling them too.

Weaving has now formed a crucial part of Sukarara village’s tourism, as many visitors flock to see locals weaving and purchase their creations. Spend some time exploring Sukarara Village and its stunning woven threads.