Experience Lombok’s beautiful Rice Fields

There’s something so calming about Indonesia’s beautiful rice fields. Just like Bali, Lombok is covered in lush, green rice fields spread across the landscape. On the island, there are two main places to access stunning views of the rice fields: Tetebatu and Bukit Selong.

Start with Tetebatu, a small town in Lombok. If you are thinking about spending a night or two here, there are some quaint accommodation options like homestays and bungalows. While there is no public transport to reach the town, instead, hire a driver or arrive by motorbike. With limited dining options, in most cases, the homestays will provide dining onsite.

Unlike Ubud, Tetebatu is still relatively untouched and remains a quiet, peaceful retreat. Explore the region on your own or join one of the Tetebatu rice terrace tours to explore the area. Looming above the fields is Mount Rinjani, making an excellent photo opportunity. The gorgeous countryside provides insight around the local farmer’s life. Tobacco and pineapple are a crucial part of the region’s agriculture, as well as of course, rice. If you are exploring on your own, you may find it a little challenging to navigate the area. Consider organising a guide so that you can explore the more hidden, and picturesque viewpoints of the rice plantations.

Another beautiful place to stop for views across the rice fields is Bukit Selong. From Senaru, the viewpoint is about one hour by car. Often those taking the trek to Mount Rinjani organise a visit before or after the hike. With no other significant attractions close by, but a few other small viewing points and villages to explore. Plan your visit early so that you can continue your day exploring, and watch the sunrise over the land. There is a small entrance fee, and on arrival, you will reach a two-tiered platform. The first one is the view from the cliff landing, which has a beautiful bamboo forest framing the scenery. For a higher perspective, continue on, and you will reach the star platform. Created specifically for tourism, this is now a popular location for travellers in Lombok. The platform is about a 10-minute walk from the carpark up a hill. On weekends you may find that there is a queue to access the platform. To avoid waiting, aim to visit on a weekday or early in the morning. Sitting below in the distance are not only rice fields but other crops which create a fascinating pattern across the valley.

Visiting the rice fields across Lombok provides excellent insight into the local culture and everyday life. While the lush green fields offer stunning views, they also play a significant role on the island. A visit to Tetebatu and Bukit Selong will provide you with further insight and understanding around this, as well as the perfect photo opportunity.