Bukit Selong Rice Fields Viewpoint

Bukit Selong Rice Fields Viewpoint is located about one hour from Senaru and provides an incredible view across the rice fields and farmland in Lombok. Set in the island’s northeast, the drive is about two hours and 40 minutes to Mataram or two and a half hours to Kuta. While there are not many other attractions nearby, if you have some extra time on your holiday, the views are worth the trip. To access the viewing platform, a short ten-minute walk is required up a small hill and leading you onto a flat viewing platform in the shape of a star. Don’t forget to pack your camera, some water and wear comfortable clothing, so that you can make the most of the adventure. Visit at sunrise or sunset to watch the colours from the sky reflect across the landscape and avoid the heat. The view showcases the fascinating fields below meeting together like a patchwork quilt, along with Sembalun town and Mount Rinjani in the distance. To extend your adventure, why not stay for a night or two in Sembalun? Basing yourself in this region will allow you to explore other attractions nearby like Sendang Gile and Tiu Kepel waterfalls, all about an hour away. Plan your journey to Bukit Selong Rice Fields Viewpoint on your own, or join in on one of Lombok’s many tours and adventures taking you across the island.