Discovering the wildlife of Lombok

Lombok’s diverse landscape makes it the perfect destination to get up close with and learn about native wildlife. Float past turtles in the water, or learn about the cheeky monkeys playing on the mainland. Across the island, the jungle surrounding Mount Rinjani brings a flourishing wildlife population too. Here are some of the best places to discover Lombok’s beautiful wildlife.

Pusuk Monkey Forest

A trip to Indonesia is not complete without encountering the cheeky monkeys. The Pusuk Monkey Forest is home to many wild, native monkeys. Here, you will find troops of monkey’s relaxing and interacting with each other. Yet take note, while the monkeys may seem like they are cute and innocent, these cheeky thieves are confident and will happily take shiny or edible items from anyone walking by. To prevent this, leave any food or valuable possessions secured in the car; or at home if you have a scooter, because can they climb.

Mount Rinjani National Park

If you choose to take on the journey up to Mount Rinjani’s summit, you will hike through the lush landscape and incredible wildlife. However for less of a commitment, instead explore the incredible Mount Rinjani National Park surrounding the volcano. Home to numerous wildlife species like the ebony leaf monkey, leopard cats and rusa deer. Enjoy one of the scenic walks or join in on a tour to learn about the fauna and flora throughout.

Learn about birdlife

The birdlife along the coastline of Lombok and across the island is prominent. Keep an eye out for Flores hawk-eagle, Himalayan cuckoo and osprey. During your visit to the national park, the birds along the mountain’s edge are truly varied. From the side of the cliff, watch for another predator to appear, the Peregrine Falcon. The falcon can reach incredible speeds of up to 389 kilometres per hour.

Underwater life

The crystal clear water surrounding Lombok is home to an abundance of marine life, along with around the Gili Islands. In the south coast near Kuta is where some of the best snorkelling and diving spots reside. Organise a tour to explore the more remote places, to encounter turtles, reef sharks, tuna and colourful fish. Swim with turtles off the shore of the Gili Islands or explore the colourful coral reef.

Lombok wildlife parks

Across the island, Lombok has a wildlife park dedicated to experiencing and learning about the gorgeous animals, up close. There are also elephant parks, which allow you to meet and greet or bathe with the elephants. Pay close attention when visiting elephant parks through Indonesia, and ensure that it is actually a conservation centre and not falsely claiming so. Some tourist attractions do not always treat the animals well, and parks that offer elephant rides are not recommended. Riding elephants has been proven to injure and cause problems for the elephant’s spine in the long term. If a centre is providing anything other than elephant care and spending time with them, then consider avoiding the establishment.