Pusuk Monkey Forest

The journey to Pusuk Monkey Forest will take you through stunning forest and down a windy road. The area is officially a protected reserve, and home to the grey monkey. Due to people continually being around, monkeys have become accustomed to people.

If you plan to stay for a few nights in Senggigi, take the Pusuk Pass, which will lead you on to the forest. On the journey in, pay attention to monkeys treading across the road, as often they are crossing or walking around. The gorgeous winding road follows slowly up to the hill, showcasing views across the thick jungle. Home to an array of birdlife and wildlife species, take note of the birdcalls and sound of nature as you pass.

Wander through the forest and expect to pass by groups of monkeys lazing about. Take note of your possessions and make sure you do not carry any food with you, as monkeys are known for being confident thieves. Remember that while monkeys look cute and kind, they are still wild animals. Therefore take necessary precautions. Leave the monkeys to relax and refrain from disturbing them. Often, travellers put their bags down to take a photo of the monkeys in their element and find that their possessions get stolen in that short time frame. So pay attention to these cute but calculated creatures!