If canyoning is your pick for adventure, then Lombok will deliver. Its intricate gorges and impressive canyons bring a playground of excursions for you to discover. The challenging and action-packed tours will encourage you to push your limits.

Ombak Canyon brings adventure trails that will take you between jumping, sliding and scraping across mother nature. The sense of solitude and exhilarating jumps will leave you with an up-close encounter of the breathtaking scenery — a nature lovers dream. Ombak is set in the heart of Lombok sitting on the foothills of Rinjani volcano. This incredibly steep canyon showcases green vegetation and lush tropical rainforest. The dramatic drops take you to crystal clear water with jumps up to six metres. The canyon has been equipped in line with ICOpro standards, ensuring safety and regulation too. The descent of the gorge takes around three hours, and the best way to explore it is through joining a daily tour. Ombak Gorge lies on the edge of Gumantar Traditional Village and sits one and a half hours by car from Senggigi Beach.

Canyoning tours available provide a mix of activities including swimming, jumps and rappelling, or try abseiling and sliding your way through the lush scenery. Lombok’s jungle paradise is the perfect way to see a slice of Indonesia’s wild side and a unique way to experience the wildlife and scenery away from the beach.