Batu Bolong Temple

On the rocks nearby to Senggigi Beach, you will find Batu Bolong Temple standing tall, residing 12 kilometres from Mataram city. Sitting above the black rock of Senggigi Beach, the temple brings incredible beauty overlooking the sea. This sacred site for Hindu’s is a building of worship. From here, you can hear waves crashing, and enjoy a beautiful sea breeze flowing through. The rock under the temples has carved a natural hole, which is where the name Batu Bolong comes from (rock with a hole). This temple is one of Indonesia’s most scenic Hindu temples, while it is modest in size, the incredible views make it worthwhile to visit. If you begin your journey at Senggigi Beach, follow the sea-ledge path which will lead you onto the temple. Dress modestly with your legs covered, and you will need to wear a sash too.

On arrival, you will be greeted by two main temples. The first sits under a leafy tree, while the second sits on a low lying rock that sometimes can verge closely on to the waves. In total, fourteen pagodas stand tall over the rocks. On a clear day, you will be able to see Mount Agung in the distance, and if you stay until the late afternoon, watch the colours fill the sky at sunset. In the area close by there are many accommodation options as well as facilities, making it easy to visit Batu Bolong Temple. During your visit witness panoramic views across Senggigi Beach and learn about Batu Bolong Temple, as a stunning place of worship.

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