10 reasons why to make Lombok your next vacation destination

Lombok rivals Bali’s natural scenery with its quieter, untouched rugged landscape. Escape from the crowds and experience the local Sasak culture, all while you learn about life in Lombok. If you are struggling to decide between a visit to Bali or Lombok, here are ten reasons why Lombok is worth visiting on your next holiday.

Close to the Gili Islands

Often incorrectly referred to as a part of Bali, the Gili Islands sit just one kilometre from Lombok. The three islands are a tropical paradise home to palm trees and stunning beaches, as well as nightlife and outdoor adventures. Staying in Lombok provides quick access to the islands; just 20 minutes by boat from the northwest of the island.

Lombok provides fewer crowds and a more authentic experience

Lombok is often compared with what Bali once was before its tourism escalated. The island is made up of gorgeous, traditional villages and quiet beaches to explore. It provides a beautiful getaway for a tranquil and serene experience, all while learning about the local culture.

Incredible hikes

Mount Rinjani, the second-highest mountain in Indonesia sits in the north of Lombok and provides a variety of scenic walks. The mountain stands 3,726 metres above sea level, and a hike to the top of the mountain will take two days to reach the summit. Along the journey pass by incredible waterfalls and lush national park filled with wildlife.

Lombok provides a real taste of Indonesia

Lombok showcases authentic Indonesian culture more distinctly. Learn about the country’s way of life, Sasak rituals and handicraft techniques during your visit.

Pink Beach

Lombok is home to the unique pink beach, also known as Tangsi Beach. Separated from the touristic areas, it still to this day a pristine sanctuary showcasing crystal clear water and a beautiful shoreline.

Sasak Culture

Lombok has a gorgeous Indigenous culture making up over 85% of the island’s population. The Sasak people speak their own language and practice Islam, as well as hand making woven goods. During your stay, visit one of the local Sasak villages to learn about weaving and handicraft products taught and passed down through the generations.

Stunning Waterfalls

Lombok provides an array of stunning waterfalls across the island to explore. Surrounding Mount Rinjani are Tiu Kelep, Benang Kelambu and Sendang Gile to name a few!

No traffic

Lombok’s quieter pace is reflected through its traffic. With ample space between beaches, this makes it easy for travellers to hire a car or motorbike and explore the island at ease.

Rice fields and lush nature

Just like Bali, from above, Lombok looks like a patchwork quilt of rice fields and thick jungle. Instead of visiting Ubud in Bali, explore Tetebatu, which is a quiet village surrounded by lush greenery.

Experience the mosques

Due to Lombok’s Islamic faith, the island is home to many gorgeous mosques. Learn about how religion is an essential part of everyday life, all while witnessing the magnificent views from the many prime locations of the mosques.