Lombok presents an array of activities to explore during your stay on the island. So if the choice is overwhelming you and there are too many exciting adventures on offer, consider one of the many tours available. Explore the city, local’s villages, natural wonders and the Gili Islands surrounding with a guided tour. Local community guides will give you insight around the island’s craft, and hand made items such as pottery and woven apparel. To get up close with nature, enjoy a tour to Lombok’s incredible waterfalls, or learn about Lombok’s wildlife, bathe with elephants and discover the wildlife park. A journey through the Gili Islands is a great way to make the most of the islands and will give you a taste of some of the reefs best snorkelling and water sports. Of course, hiking the incredible Mount Rinjani is only recommended by a tour to take on the incredible feat. Access transport, local knowledge and tour guides to make the most of the island in a short time frame.