The top 10 diving experiences in Lombok

Lombok is often picked as one of the most beautiful places to explore for its crystal clear water and underwater life. The water surrounding the island’s shore is home to thousands of fish, rays and eels to swim up close to. During your stay in Lombok, be sure to visit these ten incredible diving and snorkelling sites around Lombok.

1. The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands provide a choice of incredible dive sites. Home to pristine, idyllic beaches and clear water perfect for visibility. Both snorkelers and scuba divers will find a site to fall in love with. Divers can expect to encounter turtles, sharks, eels and colourful fish. In Gili Meno, underwater there are some amazing sculptures just below sea level called the ‘Nest’. They were placed here as an artificial reef to encourage coral growth.

2. Gili Air – Turtle Bommie

Turtles are such whimsical creatures, and the best place to get up close with them is at Turtle Bommie off Hann’s Reef dive site on Gili Air. This site is perfect for all diving levels, with a depth of 12 metres it sits in the east of Gili Air.

3. Scorpion Point, South Lombok

Scorpion point is in the south of Lombok near Kuta Beach. The reef varies from four to 12 metres in-depth, and it is made up of coral, seagrass and some artificial reef. In the water, expect to pass by scorpionfish, sweet lips, Juvenile Lionfish and batfish.

4. Gerupuk Slope, South Lombok

In the south of Lombok sits Gerupuk Slope, which is a coral wall formation. Here you will find marine life in abundance with stingrays hiding in the crevices, tuna and trevallies swimming by, along with lobster and crabs tucked away.

5. Belongas Bay

Belongas Bay is not a specific dive site, but an area to explore and it is home to The Magnet and The Cathedral. Depending on the season, in this area, you can expect to see hammerheads, eagle rays, barracudas and tuna.

6. Blue hole (Belongas)

The Blue Hole is a cave dive only for advanced divers. The entry point starts at 17 metres and goes down to 35 metres. Be sure to bring a flashlight so that you can see the many sweet lips, surgeonfish and reef sharks swimming by.

7. Shark Cave (Gili Trawangan)

At Shark Point dive site, visit waters filled with white tip reef sharks home to both juvenile and baby sharks. Ranging down to depths of 20 metres, swim alongside these beautiful creatures.

8. Turtle Point (Gili Trawangan)

Home to colourful fish like Nemo, Turtle Point is filled with sea anemones, green sea turtles and octopuses. Explore the depths of the water down to 18 metres.

9. Cathedral (Belongas)

Cathedral has a bit more swell and current than other dive sites. The depth goes from 15 to 60 metres, and the area is filled with sea snakes, sea cucumbers and soft corals.

10. Frogfish (Gili Air)

Frogfish site is near Gili Air has a 21 metre drop. It is home to a large rock covered in coral and is perfect for you to swim with the gentle flowing current to explore the colourful fish up close.