The best places to surf in Lombok

Lombok welcomes surfers from across the globe to experience its incredible swell. While the island is known for being a surfing hotspot, it still remains as a quiet, and untouched paradise.

During the dry season from April to October, Bali and the Gili Islands start to pack out. However, Lombok continues with its sleepy, chilled-out tranquil pace. The best surfing conditions in Lombok are considered to be over the wet season. With the majority of surf stemming from the island’s south coast, during the summer months, the wind begins to pick up during the day, compromising the conditions. From November to March, when the wet season hits, the swell comes from the south and creates cleaner conditions. The weather remains warm, with fewer crowds (and aside from the constant rain) the conditions are perfect.

Lombok is a popular surfing spot due to the variety of breaks to explore, perfect for beginners to well-seasoned surfers. Here are some of the best surfing spots in Lombok.

Starting with beginners, if you are planning a trip to Lombok to learn how to surf, or brush up on your skills, then this is the perfect place to build your confidence. Filled with gorgeous protected coves along the south coast, explore Kuta Beach to Grupuk, Inside Ekas and Selong Belanak (which is excellent for longboards). For fewer crowds and total focus, Selong Belanak and Ekas are great options, however, they are a little more challenging to access. Across the coastline, surfing lessons are available, and if you are focused on improving, join one of the surf camps on offer.

When it comes to the more experienced surfers, across the coastline, there is a choice of incredible breaks. However, during the dry season along the south coast after 9am, the wind starts to pick up. If you are not an early riser, then instead, opt for the west coast over the dry season, which is the best place to be. When the wet season hits and the wind calms down, the south coast’s conditions become clean and favourable. Of course, Kuta Beach is well known for having impressive waves, along with Mawi nearby. While Ekas Bay provides incredible waves for beginners, it is also an excellent place for advanced surfers. Finally, the incredible and famous Desert Point is one of the key reasons why surfers visit Lombok. Desert Point was voted as one of the best waves in the world, but the catch is, the conditions only work a few times a year. Yet when Desert Point is on, pro surfers make their way to experience this incredibly long and left-hand wave.

Lombok is a popular destination for surfers due to the variety of waves and favourable conditions throughout the year. Whether you have just begun learning, or have chased waves for years, Lombok will make a fun and fulfilling surf holiday.