Listen to nothing but the sound of water falling, as you glide through the glistening springs surrounded by tropical rainforest. Rafting is a scenic and adrenaline-boosting way to experience Lombok. Many different companies offer rafting tours, starting in Batu Mekar, in the west. The region of Lingsar is filled with tropical hotspots when it comes to rafting. Sitting close to Mount Rinjani brings the area a lot of natural fertility, and surrounding the area is thick rainforest and fresh springs flowing. On the journey, you will hear birds chirping and vast wildlife too. In the springs of Jangkuk River, look out for carp and tilapia swimming along, with grade 3+ rapids, making it a popular destination for rafting.

Rafting is also popular in Batu Keliang in the north of Lombok. Verging off Benang Kelambu waterfall, you can opt to stay the night at one of the bungalows surrounding. Organise a tranquil escape before your adventure, and for families wanting to take on the experience, the age minimum is seven. Plan your rafting adventure in Lombok, and opt to explore in the wet season when waterways are gushing, and surrounding nature is thriving due to the rain.

Rafting is an adrenaline-boosting experience that will allow you to see the lush tropical rainforest of Lombok from a new perspective. The adventure itself to reach these beautiful destinations is memorable and exciting. On your journey to the waterway, you’ll see beautiful rice paddies, local villages and rugged terrain.