Pura Agung Narmada

Gate to ancient building, a Pura where native Indonesian Hindus pray, that was built in the kingdoms era in Narmada Park, Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, 2nd December 2023

The King of Mataram built Pura Agung Narmada in 1727, and it now holds a rich history and strong cultural significance to locals. It can be found in the west of Lombok and sits just half an hour from Mataram by car, about 10 kilometres in total. In the dry season, the park is still used as a resting place by the royal family. The history of the park can be explored with a local guiding you, as within it there is little information on display around its history.

Now Pura Agung Narmada has become a destination for locals to explore, swim or picnic at and this three-hectare park is very sacred for Hindus. Starting in the upper area of the park sits a stone step pyramid. There is also Balai Petirtaan, where water springs follow directly from Mount Rinjani and to enter the chamber, a yellow sash must be worn. It is believed that the water from the springs below is the water of immortality. Make sure you visit the royal bathing place, which is a public swimming pool for tourists to cool off too.

A journey through Pura Agung Narmada is a beautiful way to explore the site, learn about its historical value and enjoy the different facilities available. During your visit to Lombok, take the chance to wander through the landscaped gardens or experience the royal bathing pool.