Drift into the clouds and witness a stunning birds-eye view of the land. Tandem paragliding is an incredible way to experience Lombok. Adventures take off from Southern Lombok, as you glide over sandy white beaches, count the palms lining the island and look out for the tropical reefs expanding from Kuta Beach.

Paragliding could be compared to one of the closest feelings to flying as you step up into the air with the gust of the hill. Gently float over the Indian Ocean and watch the waves roll by as surfers wait their turn for some of the best waves of their life. Once the adrenaline of taking off has begun to slow down, you’ll start to relax as the flow of the wind takes you on a journey. Soak in the feeling of flying above the water and over the island, and enjoy the views

Paragliding adventures take off from the Kuta region of Southern Lombok and depending on the take-off location; you’ll encounter views of Kuta Beach, Segar Reef and Gili Nusa. The flight duration goes for approximately 15 minutes, and initially, you’ll be briefed by your pilot with all safety procedures involved.

As you glide above the shoreline, soak in views of the tropical reef, luxury resorts lining the shore and lush nature dotted along the coastline. Once your flight is complete, you will land on the Kuta peninsula. Adventurers must be over ten years old to participate. Paragliding is an exciting and unique activity great for families or a romantic, unforgettable experience as a couple you’ll never forget.