Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach is one of the more remote beaches in Lombok, sitting 60 kilometres (and about an hour and a half by car) from Mataram city.

Home to soft white sand, it is set in a bay with two hills surrounding on either side. In the centre of the bay, the sand is delicate, and as you move towards the west side, the sand gradually becomes coarser. The waves in the inlet vary from each side too, with stronger waves passing through the middle of the beach. The east and west are more sheltered, as they are blocked by the hill. For families, aim to swim in the water closer to the hills which is shallow and gentle, making it safer for children to swim in.

Many try to climb the hills surrounding Mawun Beach, yet it comes its own with risks and challenges. With no clear tracks to access the top, the views are stunning however beware that it can be quite dangerous to climb.

This rugged beach is considered one of the more undeveloped and raw beaches in Lombok, and the journey to reach the beach is a very scenic adventure. Depending on the route you take, some of the roads on the journey are not well maintained, if you can, opt to take the eastern course. There are very few accommodation and dining options near Mawun Beach, so if you plan on spending the day there, be sure to pack food and drink.