Lingsar Temple

Lingsar Temple brings a symbolic harmony between Hindu and Islam religions in Bali and Lombok. Residing 10 kilometres east of Mataram city, it is a short 20-minute journey by car. Set amongst luscious green rice fields, the temple was built in 1714, it has been renovated with a stunning garden and lotus pools surrounding it.

The temple features three buildings – gaduh, kemalig and perisaman. Different junctions through the temple have been built to honour different gods. The junction in the east is to honour the god in Rinjani Mountain, the west to worship god in Agung along with two united that symbolise both Rinjani and Agung Mountain. In the Wektu Telu area, you will find the famous pool of water home to holy eels. It is considered good luck if you see them, and they can be lured out of the water with hard-boiled eggs, which are available to purchase from stalls outside the temple. Continue on from here and there are nine fountains to purify and heal illness. This is considered to be one of the holiest temples in Lombok and it was built under the reign of King Anak Agung Ngurah.

As Lingsar Temple is a sacred space you will need to wear a sarong and a sash to enter the shrines. If you forget one, there are vendors outside where you can rent one-off. Lingsar Temple’s dual heritage is a key part of Lombok’s identity and a symbol of unity between the island’s faiths.