Kondo Island

Kondo Island is a beautiful uninhabited stretch of land to explore, exposing you to pristine marine life and crystal clear water. It forms part of the Three Islands (Tiga Pulau), which are Gili Kondo, Gili Bidara and Gili Petagan in the Sambelia subdistrict. Set off the east coast of Lombok in the Alas Strait; the island is a perfect day trip for honeymooners and families.

Kondo Island can be accessed from two ports – the port of Pelabuhan Kayangan just 45 minutes by boat or from Sambelia Transat coast in 25 minutes. From Mataram, it is a two and a half hour drive to reach the Pelabuhan Kayangan port.

Kondo Island is one of the less popular tourist destinations, and what attracts visitors to the island is its remote, untouched beauty. Most travellers visit just for the day. However, if extending your stay on this gorgeous island appeals to you, consider camping for the night to truly indulge and connect with nature. Make sure that you come prepared and bring your own food and water.

Many different tours will also take you to Kondo Island, so you can spend the day in the sun, savouring the white sand and open water without having to plan a thing. Visit Kondo Island to see where the very best of nature comes to life and experience one of the quieter, more pristine islands off Lombok.