Getting around Lombok

Lombok is considerably spread out, so when it comes to moving around the island, start by figuring out the best transport mode for you. If you have the choice, the easiest option is to either hire a car or a motorbike.

From Mandalika Terminal there are many public buses and bemos (minibuses) that will take you around Lombok. Bemos driving along the road can also be flagged down, and they will have fixed fares displayed. As the sun begins to fade away, public transport will cease. Across Lombok and the Gili Islands, you will see cidomo (traditional horse cart) however, reconsider using this form of transportation due to the poor treatment of the horses. Of course, each worker is different, yet often the horses appear to be tired and exhausted; therefore, this mode of transport is not recommended.

Another easy way to move around Lombok is by taxi, and the best option is to take a Blue Bird Taxi. These are the cheapest and most reliable taxis across Lombok (and Bali too). You can download the app on your phone or hail a taxi with a bluebird icon on it. Another great option is GoJek, which is a ridesharing app perfect for jumping on the back of verified scooters buzzing through Lombok. GoJek is excellent for short trips around the island, and it is a cheap and convenient way of moving around.

If you need regular transfers and prefer reliability, there are private drivers across Lombok that can be easily arranged. This is an excellent alternative if you do not wish to navigate on your own; having a trusted driver who knows the roads will make it easy and often they share local knowledge and insight about where is best to visit in Lombok.

Hiring a car or motorbike is simple, and one of the preferred options by travellers. The roads here are quiet; however, sometimes they can be a little undeveloped when travelling between beaches and more remote parts of the island. Be sure to double-check your travel insurance policy coverage as well as the bike or car hire insurance arrangement. Not all agencies provide insurance coverage in the hire fee. To drive in Lombok, you will need an international drivers licence, and if there is any damage to the car, you will be required to cover it. The same goes for driving a motorbike or scooter. Only drive if you are confident and prepared for fewer regulations on the roads compared to back home.

If you want to cover some considerable distance across the island but do not wish to go on your own, join one of the many-guided tours available. Tours can be an excellent way to relax, so why not leave planning transport and sightseeing to the experts?

Moving around Lombok is easy when you know exactly what you would like to see and do. Make the most of the many transport options in Lombok and utilise taxis and ridesharing facilities available.