Boating & Cruises

Lombok connects by boat directly to the Gili Islands and is the perfect starting point to explore these stunning tropical islands. There are several boat options when it comes to reaching the islands, depending on the timeframe and budget you have in mind.

Head to the west coast of Lombok to Senggigi, and you’ll find two fast boat terminals. Teluk Nara is the terminal you’ll be looking for, and you’ll have a choice of boat companies to choose from. Take a fast boat from Lombok’s west port Teluk Nara that will connect you to Gili Air, Gili T and Meno. The trip is under an hour depending on the boat you take, which means you can easily make a return trip in a day. Fast boats operate all year round; otherwise, if you have a group of 10, you can easily charter a boat at a low cost. For a scenic adventure, at the port, choose from one of the outrigger boats to hire for a day and make the most of island hopping. Next, the public ferry from Bangsal Harbour is the cheapest, and possibly the most time-consuming option. The boats stay at the port until they fill up, and the journey is about two hours in total. Ten minutes from Bangsal is Teluk Nara. So should you decide that this option isn’t for you, you can always go back and get a fast boat from there.

The Gili Islands are best reached directly from Lombok because it cuts out the choppy waters that many travellers must endure from Bali. During your stay, make the most of visiting these islands whilst adventuring through Lombok.