Are Guling

It is no secret that surfers from across the globe travel to Lombok to experience the island’s world-class waves. Are Guling is a reef break to the west of Kuta, Lombok. What makes Are Guling special is that it is not a very crowded spot. Nearby there are a couple of bungalows to stay in as well as dining options (like local cafes), each with views over the water. Are Guling beach is lined with thick foliage, making it is a beautiful place to relax at or take photos on. It is one of the more popular surf breaks in the south of Lombok and can be accessed from land or by boat. Kuta is just a 20-minute drive to the beach, however, the journey to Are Guling can be accident-prone; therefore travel with a partner to take extra precaution. Throughout the year, the waves are mostly consistent; however the wet season would have to be the recommended time to go.