10 reasons to explore the Gili Islands

Clock off onto island time and explore the stunning Gili Islands. Here are ten reasons to spend your next holiday on these lush, tropical islands.

1. The beaches

The beaches on the Gili Island’s are home to sun-bleached white sand and shimmering, calm blue water. On arrival, walk away from the ports, and you will reach idyllic beaches stretching down the coastline of each island.

2. Snorkelling

If you want to swim with turtles or see up close colourful schools of fish, then the Gili Islands will deliver. Gili Trawangan has some incredible snorkelling sites in the north. While Gili Meno has the “Nest”, an artificial reef made up of life-size human sculptures. Across the Gili Islands, there are over 25 different sites for snorkellers and divers to explore.

3. Ocean swings

The famous ocean swings have become a vital part of the Gili Islands’ identity. Hop on one of the many ocean swings across the three islands and enjoy a relaxing afternoon as the sun goes down.

4. Tranquillity

Gili Trawangan has some incredible nightlife, yet the other two islands are far more tranquil and isolated. If you’re looking for some time to disconnect and spend your days by the water, then you will find that on the Gili Islands.

5. A variety of accommodation

Live the high life, or rest up at one of the many budget accommodation options. The Gili Island’s provide a choice of accommodation options at a price that will suit you. If you’re ready to splurge, opt for one of the incredible beachfront resorts, surrounded by lush gardens. Or instead, relax at one of the villas, guesthouses, homestays or hostels.

6. Watersports

Get moving and explore the three islands with stand up paddle boarding. Spend a day out paddling and exploring, and after you’ve worked up a sweat, simply jump into the water and cool off!

7. Sunsets that light the sky on fire

Indonesian sunsets are often tipped as some of the best. What makes sunsets from the islands even better, is the stunning silhouette traced out by Bali’s Mount Agung in the distance. Every afternoon watch the sun go down from the beach, with a cocktail in hand – island life at its best.

8. Sea turtles

Across the Gili Islands are a large population of sea turtles. Thanks to the Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary, this has helped preserve the species. The Gili Islands are a beautiful place to see the turtles in their natural habitat. Between August and November, you can even be a part of the turtle release.

9. Beach yoga

Of course, a trip to Indonesia would not be complete without some yoga. Join in on a class on the beach, or do your own. The beautiful surrounding scenery will leave you feeling recharged.

10. The water’s visibility

Spend your days floating in the calm, crystal clear water. Between May to September, the Gili Island’s water visibility is at its finest. This time of year is the dry season, so if you can, plan your holiday around this time to make the most of the islands’ sparkling water.