Partying the Lombok way

Switch on “vacation mode” with island vibes and tropical cocktails on the beach. Make a toast to the sunset and explore the beach bars and nightlife in Lombok.

Starting in the north, Senggigi has an upbeat and lively nightlife scene, with a few late-night venues offering live music. This area is more populated than other regions, however in comparison to Bali, it is still very low-key.

Mataram has a few coffee shops and restaurants that stay open until late, with a pub open in the area too – perfect for dancing and mingling with locals. Some resorts in this area also provide shows and events for entertainment.

Next, of course, would be the Gili Islands. Now if you are serious about partying and having a night out filled with dancing, then head to Gili Trawangan. Initially, backpackers flocked to Gili Trawangan to experience its incredible nightlife. Now it is home to a mix of bars and music, open almost every night. Lining the water is a choice of venues perfect for enjoying a drink at sunset. To make the most of island life, jump on a party boat and dance the night away or why not enjoy a bonfire on the beach as you indulge in the incredible sunset? On Gili Trawangan there is a mix of venues including a reggae bar, a boat party, an Irish pub and beach bars giving you the best views of the sunset. Gili Trawangan’s charm of combining island life with its nightlife is what brings travellers all over the world to experience it. Yet this isn’t the same for all of the Gili Islands. Gili Meno and Gili Air’s nightlife does not compare to Gili Trawangan’s; therefore if partying is an essential part of your trip, consider this.

Back in Lombok and further south in Kuta, there are about four bars that are great for a drink at; with jam sessions and open mic nights on offer. Thanks to Kuta’s influential surf culture, at sunset, when happy hour hits the bars will be buzzing and the Bintang’s will be flowing freely. Some hotels also offer entertainment. However, Kuta’s untouched appeal is what lures travellers in, not necessarily its (lack of) nightclubs.

Lombok is much sleepier and quieter than Bali, so it is no surprise that when it comes to nightlife, you can expect a much more laid back feel, with venues made up of pubs and quiet bars. However, if you are travelling in the search for nightlife, then consider visiting Gili Trawangan for your partying fix.