South Lombok

South Lombok is a popular area for travellers to explore; being well known due to the stunning Kuta Beach. The landscape begins to change in the south, with drier terrain, less population and limited sealed roads; however, the sparkling ocean and incredible surf bring travellers to this hotspot all year round. The two main towns in the region are Kuta and Sekotong, each backing on to beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean. The surf culture plays a vital role in the region's tourism, thanks to the world-class waves on offer. The coastline's beautiful coral reef also brings snorkelers and divers to explore the vast underwater life.


South Lombok is home to a mix of fishing villages, weaving production and tourism operations for travellers to explore. There are many accommodation options surrounding Kuta, along with restaurants and dining options to explore. To visit the local villages along the coastline hire a motorbike or car to access the quiet, more remote beaches.