Senggigi sits in the west of Lombok and is a hub for tourism and beachside living. Restaurants and bars are scattered throughout the town, stretching across an expansive area, and there is no clear definition around where Senggigi starts and ends. If you opt to stay in the heart of Senggigi, be mindful that it isn't a resort town, yet still provides enough entertainment and restaurants to keep travellers occupied.

Senggigi is often used as a base to explore surrounding areas, acting as a gateway to the Gili Islands with many travellers passing through. From beachfront resorts to quaint villas, accommodation options in the area are vast, and the distinction between town varies greatly. Mangsit sits north of Senggigi and provides a strip of hotels overlooking the beach, while Batu Bolong lies south of Senggigi and brings a mix of restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels to enjoy.