Gili Islands

Step into a tropical paradise on the Gili Islands, each surrounded by turquoise water, white sand, and colourful coral reefs. The Gili Islands sit in the northwest coast of Lombok, made up of three small islands; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. The islands welcome all types of travellers, from backpackers, couples and families.


To reach the Gili Islands, transfers from Lombok and Bali are readily available by boat. Fast boats run from Lombok, taking off from the port in Senggigi. There are no cars or motorised vehicles on the islands to preserve the quiet life. You will see horse carts, bicycles and people wandering the streets as the main transport modes to get around.


Each of the Gili Islands brings its very own charm and atmosphere, depending on what you're looking for. Moving between the islands is easy, and you can explore all three in one holiday. Local boats run between the islands and do not require pre-booking.


Gili Trawangan is the largest and most popular island for visitors, bringing relaxing island life combined with late-night dining and party options. Restaurants along the beachfront provide a choice of street-food to high-end international cuisine, and the southern part of the island is filled with bars and clubs to party at until the early hours of the morning. Previously, Gili T had built a reputation for being a backpacker’s haven, but it now provides a choice of luxury and upmarket options too. Scuba diving is a popular activity on the island, with many completing their professional diving course (PADI) here. In the high season, Gili T can get very busy, so be sure to book your accommodation in advance.


Gili Air is smaller than Gili Trawangan and provides a more balanced mix of lively entertainment and tranquil island life. Sitting closest to Lombok, here you can expect a more relaxing escape yet still with some live music, dining and nightlife options. With a choice of accommodation, it caters to all budgets, and it offers a mix of restaurants as well as beachfront dining.


Finally, Gili Meno is the smallest island and is a quiet escape, much more untouched than the other islands, with no nightlife to explore. Gili Meno is a nice break away from life's chaos and it is a peaceful retreat, perfect for honeymooners or those looking for seclusion. The accommodation also varies between hotels, bungalows and some luxury options. Dining is a more casual affair with beachside cafes, and here you can enjoy diving and snorkelling or visit the Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary.


Accommodation options on the islands are rapidly increasing, providing a choice of stays suitable to all budgets types, from luxurious villas to hostels. Dining is also varied, and you will be able to find nearly every kind of cuisine. Choose from traditional Indonesian food to Western cuisine like pizza, sushi and more. Beyond backpackers, the Gili Islands are also perfect for family holidays with hotels and villas catering accordingly. Babysitting is easily accessible as well as many outdoor activities to enjoy as a family, like yoga classes, day spa's, stand up paddleboarding and more.