Gili Air

Gili Air is considered to be the perfect balance between Gili Trawangan's nightlife and Gili Meno's slow-paced, relaxed lifestyle. The island sits closest to Lombok, and is fringed with stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear water; perfect for snorkelling in. The name 'Gili Air' means small water island in Sasak. This is due to it being the only one of the three Gili Island's to have a natural source of fresh water.


The small, five kilometre island can be explored on foot or by bike within two hours. Along the coastline, you will see bungalows and restaurants all making the most of the ocean views. Accommodation options bring a variety of choices, from upscale luxury resorts to cosy guesthouses. Close by to the port of Gili Air is where there is a choice of dining and nightlife options and further north the island becomes more remote and isolated. Indulge in the Gili Air’s mix of beach bars and cafes, as well as some small shops throughout, perfect for solo travellers, groups and families. Gili Air's idyllic beaches are also a top pick for snorkellers and divers, to observe colourful marine life up close.


Boats connect daily between the other Gili Islands, departing in the morning and afternoon for you to jump on. Otherwise, group travellers can charter a boat and explore the area at a leisurely pace.


Whether you choose to relax and unwind, or make the most of entertainment and nightlife on the island, Gili Air brings a variety of activities for all types of travellers.