Lombok Wildlife Park: Intimate Wildlife Experience

Visit the Lombok Wildlife Park and delight in intimate interactions with the animals. Bathe with elephants, connect with orangutans, and enjoy an included high tea.

After entering the park, get close to and interact with Valen the orangutan. Learn how this lovely species connects with you, and experience his gentle and easygoing nature, making him approachable with everyone. Share a photo session with Valen and find out why the orangutan is considered one of the most charismatic creatures in the animal kingdom.

Continue your experience by scrubbing and bathing the elephants in a mud spa, a perfect way to treat the elephants that also helps keep their skin healthy. Jump into the mud with these gentle and beautiful creatures, play around with them, and have one remarkable day you will never forget.

Before you end at the Ivory Cafe for high tea, explore the park's other animals, such as friendly exotic birds, and take photos together with them. Don't forget to meet the baby orangutan to round off your wonderful time in the park with these lovely animals.