Gili Trawangan, Air & Meno Island: Snorkeling Day Trip

Head to Teluk Naru harbor for the first snorkeling stop on this 7-hour program. For beginners, the best spots are near Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

Be on the lookout for sea turtles. Both the green and the hawksbill can be seen just 5-10 meters from the beach. The turtles are used to humans and can be carefully approached and observed.

Travel to Gili Meno Island to rest and enjoy lunch. Head to the second snorkeling spot, where soft and hard corals cover the seabed. See surgeonfish, sunburst butterflyfish, groups of sea goldies and even 3-banded clownfish.

The snorkeling trip ends at around 04:00 PM.